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In times gone by I have successfully removed ALL printers, including FAX
drivers and any "print to file" kind of things that might be installed, and
turning off or disconnecting all printers. Restart the PC, and then follow
the manufacturer's directions for the reinstall as precisely as possible.
Make sure the first thing you install is the troublemaking printer.

Those precise directions may include something about running the install CD
before attaching the printer, and plugging it in at some specified point in
the process. It's important that you follow any instructions of this kind
precisely. I have had mulitple headaches with Epson C series printers
because of my impatience with their directions.

Once it's working and you have a good test page, then you can reinstall any
other drivers and you should be good to go with all of them.

I have fixed several printer driver conflicts this way with excellent
success. It has been primarily in Windows 98, but I am pretty sure I also
fixed at least one similar problem in Windows 2000 this way.

I wish I understood the underlying mechanics better, but I don't. It's a
pragmatic workaround to a nagging problem.


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Hi Guys:

I have a Xerox 940 copier, scanner, printer that refuses to talk to my XP
machine.  I reloaded the Xerox software and used the driver(s) from the
website and nothing.

I am using USB to USB connections from the computer to the Xerox.

Any ideas?


Steve Tuzeneu-WVNE
www.lifechangingradio.com Webmaster

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