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> From: Jon Foreman, KSGN [mailto:jforeman@ksgn.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 19:28
> To: 'CRTech'
> Subject: [CRTech] Dish Network
> I'd like to communicate with someone who has experience with Dish
> Network sat systems.
> I'm trying to help my parents get SkyAngel working on the sat system
> again.  The customer support people seem to be stuck in an
> endless loop.
> My mom has macular degeneration and is legally blind, but has some
> sight.  It is very difficult for her to read them the numbers off the
> screen each time she calls.  They have this habit of running
> her though
> the same test each time she calls.  It's driving her nuts.
> When they try to watch any sky angel programming (the only
> service they
> have other than free preview channels) they get interruptions
> and error
> messages saying that the smart card is not authorized for
> that service.
> I called Dish Network, and after about two hours of
> diagnostics was told
> that everything seemed to be OK.  But the programming still wouldn't
> stay on.
> I called Sky Angel, the people they paid for programming, and
> seemed to
> be getting a run-around.  I was told that the error message on the
> screen that told me the smart card was not programmed for that service
> was a default message and it could mean that there was a hardware
> problem.  They didn't seem impressed that I had spent two hours on the
> phone with Dish Network and that the diagnostics did not indicate any
> hardware problem.
> I was told that there could be an LNB problem and that it was
> common for
> it to affect only one transponder.  (Never mind that the
> signal strength
> on that transponder was great.)
> Can any of you give me some guidance and insight?  Is the
> default error
> message really that specific and not generic?  Can an LNB
> problem affect
> just one transponder even though the signal strength is good?
> Jon Foreman
> 89.7 FM KSGN
> 11498 Pierce St Ste GG
> Riverside, CA 92505
> 909-687-5746
> www.ksgn.com

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