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I did not succeed in convincing the management here to abandon MT, even
though they were very unhappy with OMT at the time. We had two stations that
were experiencing unresolved problems with their systems, but they liked the
on-air interface, and had so much invested in creating the music library
that they just couldn't quite see making a switch.

So, we're about to install our 3rd Media Touch OpLog32 system, for our
station in Eagle Grove, Iowa. I bought 3 Compaq W4000 workstation-class PC's
one each for the capture process (iMedia Logger), production, and on-air. I
got the on-air box set up yesterday, and today I'm planning to get the other
two configured and talking to each other. Next session will be to get the
software running, and hopfully get all the audio files copied from our KJLY
library drive.

Should be fun. At least now that I've got a few months of dealing with the
Media Touch system I should be able to get things working without too much

I also don't have to create the logs for the new system. My boss wants to
have his hands in the process, so I'll take my paws out of it and just be
the hardware and support guy.

Mark Croom
Blue Earth

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> > Much as I liked BSI's Wavestation software (despite its quirks), there
> >  issues with it that simply required a reboot every so often in order to
> make
> >  sure things kept running when nobody was at the station. I found that
> Were you using Simian? We are seriously considering this system... but if
> it's going to need a reboot every few DAYS, fugettaboudit!!!
> Willie...

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