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"On Wednesday, September 11, MBN will present a two-hour concert of prayer .
This concert will involve both Christian leaders like Franklin Graham, Joni
Eareckson Tada, Joseph Stowell, Henry Blackaby, John Perkins, Lisa Beamer,
and Pastor Donald Cole, as well as listeners from around the country as we
invite people to call in and participate. Custom music was written and
recorded by award-winning guitarist Phil Keaggy. The program will air in two
55 minute segments; 8:00 - 8:55PM CT and 9:00 - 9:55PM CT. [The special will
begin with a national address from President Bush at 8:00PM, with the radio
concert of prayer to follow].  There will be a two-minute floating break
near the bottom of each hour, preceded by relay 15-16.

If you are not currently an Open Line affiliate and you would like to air
this special, please contact your Network Representative for clearance."


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> From: Tom Bosscher [mailto:tom@bosscher.org]
> Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 09:39
> To: CRTech
> Subject: [CRTech] Sept 11 Concert
>     One of my managers says he heard there will be some sort
> of concert on
> 9-11 involving Christian artists. Problem, he can't track
> down where it is!
> Has anyone else heard of what is available, hopefully on the
> CRC slots?
>                 Tom Bosscher
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